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The Evolution of Body Essence

I am Jenifer Boere, owner of Body Essence. I have been a resident of Delaware, for the past 20 years. When my husband, Jeff, and I came to Delaware, it was in search of a nurturing community, to raise our family. We all know it takes a village to raise a child! I did not return to work, as a dental assistant, after our first son was born  It was important to us, that I stay home. Over the course of years, we were blessed with 3 wonderful sons, Jacob, Ryan and Michael. 

When it was time to consider returning to the work force, there were few options available, where I could balance both successfully. It was at this time, my good friend Tracy and I created  Body Essence (2001). I was able to work a few days a week, when the boys were in school. The balance was there and for many reasons, this was very satisfying, for many years.  As Body Essence grew, so too, did my desire, to do more for others.

To some, this may sound exaggerated, but I could not believe that the persistent pain I was living with daily..was gone! 

-Jenifer Boere, Owner

One day, as fate would have it, a new client, Margaret, walked through my door. Through the course of her visit, she noticed the discomfort I was having in my shoulder. She inspired me to visit a Bowen Practitioner, that she had recently been to and was enthusiastic about her own relief.  I had tried other methods in the past, only to receive temporary relief. I was game to try anything and her excitement was contagious!

After my first session with a Bowen Practitioner, I awoke the next day feeling phenomenal! To some, this may sound exaggerated, but I could not believe that the persistent pain I was living with daily..was gone!  I returned for my follow up appointment and immediately starting quizzing her, about her education  When I got back home, I went to the website and signed myself up. This was something I knew many others would benefit from, and I couldn't wait to share.  Fate....she's a funny thing!

With the support of my family, and many friends, I completed my studies for certification. Over the last few years, Body Essence has evolved.  Along with our aesthetic services, we now offer a variety of alternative therapies;  Bowen Therapy, Holistic Nutritional Counselling, Registered Massage Therapy, Reiki and Reflexology. I am proud to share these services with a community that has given us a wonderful and nurturing environment for our family growth. 

It is important to me that my community is educated, in knowing their options, when it comes to their personal health. With this in mind, I have created the Middlesex Health and Wellness Fair. Each year, we invite other local modalities to share their expertise with many people. It is a time where one can see all that is available to them, within their area, and even sample a few treatments. When it comes to our health, we must be encouraged to be our own advocate. 

I invite you to stop in and feel the warm, inviting environment we have created at Body Essence. Give me a call. I look forward to seeing you soon!