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Specialty Services

Bowen treatments

Bowen is a unique, hands-on modality. Through a series of gentle rolling manipulations to the connective tissue, the body is encouraged to reset and self heal. Bowen can treat back and neck pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, arthritis, and many other conditions. Results can be remarkable in as little as one session. Often, only a few sessions are required to correct the presenting problem. Please ask for a brochure!

$60.00 per session

nutritional counselling

In this session, you will receive a nutritional  guide, that is not only easy to follow, but very realistic to maintain. This is the first step in achieving balance and thereby allowing you to feel the joy of life!
Join me, as we journey through your personal concerns, and address them individually.
 “Whether you have specific health concerns, or never seem to have enough energy to make it through the day....this session is for you!”
Joanna Rogister, R.H.N.

$30.00 per session


Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, directed at the feet. It is based on the premise that there are zones and reflexes on the feet which correspond to and are relative to all parts of the body, glands and organs. Reflexology is beneficial for:

Back pain and arthritis
Migraines and headaches
Hormonal imbalances
Digestive disorders

$60.00 per session


Massage Therapy incoporates basic Swedish massage geared to meet the unique needs of the soft tissues of the body. It promotes overall relaxation while addressing the muscular tension and discomforts associated with work related stress or injury.

90 Minute Treatment $100.00
60 Minute Treatment $70.00
45 Minute Treatment $60.00
30 Minute Treatment $50.00


Reiki is an ancient healing art that places the receiver on a path to greater well-being. This gentle modality heals holistically. The application of specific reiki techniques moves a healing force through one’s energy centres (chakras). Root causes of illness and symptoms are cleared and balanced. Healing hands are gently laid on or above one’s multiple chakra centres. The calming effects are felt immediately. At session-end one experiences a refreshed sense of control and calm, leaving one better prepared to move forward with a new and positive outlook.

$60.00 per session